Do what you say you’re going to do. Return emails. Meet deadlines. Keep your promises. Nobody does that anymore. You’ll stand out just because you do.

I’m not sure about other folks, but my mood changes rapidly. I don’t consider myself moody (other may disagree). I have my times though.

It was the morning of “pay day”, so I was in a great mood (who wouldn’t be). I had an event in Falmouth, Trelawny to oversee. I left early and while backing out of my driveway I clipped my side mirror on my wall and it falls off. Not the lovely start I wanted.

I reach to Falmouth, park in front of the Court House, I notice the clamping signs through the corner of my eye but I don’t play it much mind.

As we are about to begin, I decide best I play it safe and decide to pay the clamping fee. As I go to ask the attendant how much, I hear a knocking sound and to my dismay my car was clamped. I do what any other Jamaican would do, mumble a half hearted “so what can we work out?”. It didn’t work, I conceded defeat.

I had to leave my car in Falmouth to tend to work and return later for it. During the two hours it felt like nothing was going right in my life. I will admit it was a bit much, persons are out there with real problems and me being without a car and being broke for a few hours isn’t that bad. We all have other struggles, I believe some more than some. But we continue to strive and make it work.

By mid day, I had a great lunch; complementary of work, got paid, got a lift back to Falmouth paid my fine and I was on my way.

Talent and skills will keep you in a job and get you promoted, but it rarely gets you the job you deserve.

Each year we hope that this year will be the year where things happen where things change for the best.

This is the year that I lose those extra pounds; get that startup off the ground.

These were my ups and down during 2012

I joined a running group and got serious about exercise 

Growing up I was always chubby; I come from a ‘big’ family so I would have my jogging phases. Running around my neighborhood or Emancipation Park, I never really saw any results in terms of weight but it was always something I did. Missy from work noticed that I jogged and invited me to jog with the Citi Runners. I joined in; the first run was pretty rough - up a very steep hill. However I kept at it, I started going more days a week (even Saturday morning’s at 5:00am). I’m currently at 180lbs, so I have lost ~25lbs

Travelled to San Francisco for the first time 

I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco; I even started an online initiative to get me there, more info here. YamJam ‘12 was held at the The Westin and after some persuading on my part, my place of work decided to send me and the I.T Director to the conference. I remember after I received approval, booked the hotel room and the flight I was fretting that my passport wouldn’t come from Kingston in time. It did and I went. The conference was great, the city was amazing and the food was exceptional. 

Completed my first half-marathon at Disney World 

Citi-Runners do things big! When the group was making plans to go Orlando for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. I thought to myself that would be great to go, I could just imagine the awesome time that I would have with the group in addition to running the race. I went ahead paid the fee ($190) and that was me. The race itself was good, I had slight stomach issues the night of the run, but I did my best and finish in 2:41 hours. (11mins behind my target)

Moved into a proper apartment

When I moved to Montego Bay in 2010, I found a rather humble “half studio”. I said to myself I’ll only be here for 3 months, well that turned into two long years. I had enough and began looking for bigger places in a nicer part of town. That was exactly what I found. My new place is great and now I have space to entertain guests.

Now to the downs.

I missed a chance to join a project in a field that I’m passionate about

The invitation came at a bad time, however I do look back and wonder what if

I took a couple months’ hiatus from working on my projects

We all have our burnout times and maybe I just needed a break. I’ve been hacking and coding for as long as I remember. I wasn’t seeing the traction that I would of hope to received and got discouraged and wondered if this was the right thing for me.  I’m now back in action :)

Doing too much of what I don’t like instead of doing what I love

More on later

Rushel and I parted ways

We met in the CARIMAC lab at UWI in 2009, and we just clicked. However due to my move and other issues we are no more. Best wishes to her

Not having that online success that I want

This is probably a blessing in disguise; I’ve come to realize that you don’t achieve success by simply wanting it. You achieve by being relentless and keeping at it until you make it and when you think you have made it that’s when you try even harder.

Thanks to the following who made 2012 great and inspiring me to better 2013.