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24 | What gift am I getting?

Posted from: Kingston, Jamaica

Today is my birthday.

Not doing a reflective post this year, check here for my post from two years ago.

Rushel told me she has a gift for me, I’ll be seeing her today.

I think it will be one of two things, either The Walking Dead - Season One on Blu Ray or Chronicle on Blu Ray.

I will report back to tell you what it was :)



0.) A few days back I read an article from Dan via Hacker News (HN). For some reason the message didn’t quite resonate with me, however I decided to do the HN usual and read the comments. Then I came across a comment from Oz. Essentially he tried to play it big, didn’t quite work out but he’s fine now. However what was more interesting is that Oz is from Jamaica. I quickly reached out and we started talking. 

In our conversation I ran through my previous online efforts he mentioned how he recently started web development and currently has a few clients paying him. I was a bit surprised but in a good way.

Then I said to him (which is the weird how much it affected me as I said it)

Its not how much you know or how fast you can code. It’s if you get people to pay you money.

I feel as developers we get caught up with knowledge and how many projects we have contributed to but as budding entrepreneurs none of that really matters. Make something, find folks that will send your digitals dollars then persuade.

1.) Yesterday I came across a post on reddit (if you love Uplifting - tear jerking stories this is your subreddit). I carefully scrolled down reading each of the hardest advice that we have received. Then I came to:

When I was about 4, I once I shot my father with a cheap water pistols. He took it away from me. I began crying and screamed “give it back to me”. After a while, he laid the pistol down, and told me to come get it. I can’t remember why I didn’t go get the damn thing, but I just kept crying and screaming “give it back to me, give it!”

He looked at me, and stepped on the gun, shattering it. I was shocked into silence. When I ask why, he said, “When you want something, you take it. Never expect anyone to give anything to you.”

That really spoke to me, I’m going through a #BeBold phase where I’m doing things that maybe I wouldn’t do and it seems to be paying off. Meeting great people, making more friends and feeling better about life. Usually if I wanted to go for something, I use to act like I wouldn’t now putting a stop to that.

2.) On the same reddit page I found another however I feel this one is more for the ladies. As I don’t really have this problem with my girl friends. I have a couple female friends that need to hear this though.

"You’re worried that he’s not talking to you enough/putting as much effort into the relationship as you are because he’s not. Move on."

My take away if you aren’t in something you like quite b*tching and make a change.

I’m Rory, I’m from Jamaica. I will be be a big deal one day.

Currently working on VacayTracker | Simple Anti-Excel Employee Vacation Tracker

Growing up I avoided the command line at all costs. I got my first computer when I was around 9 years old. It came with Windows 95, so I grew up during the GUI era as most of my friends did.

When Ubuntu was the “in-thing” a few loved it, they would be in the command line all day, all night. Doing simple “one-click” actions by typing 3-4 prompts. I always found this strange.

When the introduction of Rails & Git, the dreaded command line had to be used [oh no!].

Not sure if was because I actually saw everyone else using command line with these services I wanted to learn so I kept at it.

Learning Git involves a bit of a learning curve I’m come across one site that should help

Awesome Cool Git Guide

Similar to my last tip on bash alias, there’s a few of Joey P commands

alias ad='git add'

alias pl='git pull'

alias ph='git push'

alias cm='git commit -a -m'

alias sl='git status -uall'

alias ct='git checkout'


I never considered myself an expert with it comes to programming or general Computers. Sure when I’m around family members and colleagues the word comes up. But to my other “techie” friend nope not at all. 

However I came across a blog post or was it a quote that urge persons to blog about whatever they feel will be benefical to someone else.

Think about it, how many times have a google search lead to a blog of a “average developer” who had the same problem as you did. His fix also was your fix.

With that said, Rory Tip’s is born. (Though I had a previous tip here)

I came across this when Chris advised I check out his dotFiles.

I came across “alias”, which basically creates a shortcut in your terminal.

When I open my terminal, I have to then cd 2/3 times to the ruby project I’m working in then start the server. Then open a new terminal cd 2/3 again then start the Rails Console. It’s very annoying and mightly unproductive.

I thought maybe I can use “alias” to assit;

alias cdf=’cd Code/Ruby/Filmbet’

With only three characters I jump in the project that I’m working with.

How about 

alias cdf=’cd Code/Ruby/Filmbet && rails s ‘

I start the server too :)

To do this I had to make the change in my .bash_profile file.

I always mixup, is it vim ~/. or vim ~./, especailly in typing it normally comes out wrong.

So I did  

alias bashp=’vim ~/.bash_profile’

To implement, use VIM or another text edit to access or create your bash_profile . bashrc.

It’s hidden so I recommend using the terminal and VIM.

 vim ~/.bash_profile